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Thread: Block, Parry, Dodge

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    Block, Parry, Dodge

    Can someone communicate how the hit mechanic works combined with block, parry and dodge.
    Specifically what I need to have answered is the following:
    If you have a tank that has 18% Block, 18% Dodge and 18% parry, does that tank take less damage than a tank with 0% Block, 18% Dodge and 27% Parry.
    Are these added together for a 54% reduction vs a 45% reduction?
    Is the parry mechanic dependent on weapon speed? Can you parry with an off hand?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Dodge, parry and block are all independent events (http://www.tankspot.com/forums/f63/3...bat-table.html)

    If you dodge an attack, you take zero damage. If you parry an attack, you also take zero damge and your next autoattack swing is sped up a little bit. If you block an attack, a fixed amount of damage is removed from the hit you take (http://www.tankspot.com/forums/f63/41527-blocking.html). Dodge and parry are called avoidance, and block is a form of mitigation.

    Using that, if you have 18% dodge, 18% parry, and 18% block, you have a combined 36% chance to take no damage, and then 18% chance to block some of the damage of a hit. Dodge, parry, and block do not work on most magical effects (though they work on the melee attacks of elementals which deal fire/frost/whatever damage)

    Parry does not depend on weapon at all except in that if you parry an attack, you get that little bit of speedup on your next autoattack.
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    It will depend on the size of the inbound hit and amount of block value. If, for example, block value is 1000 (to make the math easier) and inbound hit is 5000 then damage reduced per hundred hits by 18/18/18 will be 18k+90k+90k=198k and for 0/18/27 is 0+90k+180k=270k.

    This is a simplification, but gives you a feel for avoidance stacks better for mitigation on boss fights. In the 'best' case for the alternative when average hit size<block value mitigation is equal to avoidance, it is never better.

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