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Thread: 10 Man Sarth + 3D

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    10 Man Sarth + 3D

    So, with the current discussion in the shoutbox raging about Sartharion +3D, I figure it's a good time to get a couple questions answered. My first question is about raid composition. I currently have 14 players (getting 10 of them together can be like pulling teeth at times), some of whom have multiple characters. All of us have Naxx10/equivalent/better gear currently, not many of us have Naxx25 gear (except a few sporadic peices here and there).

    My current roster:

    1. Fire Mage
    2. Resto Druid, Elemental Shaman, or Death Knight (has a good set of tank and/or DPS gear)
    3. Death Knight (has a good set of both types of gear)
    4. Feral (tank) Druid (is the exception to the rule, pretty undergeared atm)
    5. Holy Priest, Affliction Lock, or Surv Hunter (hunter isn't geared)
    6. Holy Priest
    7. Fire Mage, Affliction Lock
    8. Warrior (tank), Death Knight (dps), or Fire Mage
    9. Resto/Elemental Shaman
    10. Boomkin Druid
    11. Holy Paladin (has a halfway decent tank/ret set)
    12. Ret Paladin
    13. Warrior (tank), and Survival Hunter <--- ooh ooh, it's me!
    14. Death Knight (dps)

    So, with the above roster, who do you bring on which chars, and which roles do they fill?

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    Oh gawd. Sorry to not answer your question - maybe others will. My advice is to get in there with your most reliable and skilled players and start getting a feel for the fight. By the sounds of it, it's too early to worry about mix/maxing classes, and as we all know, player skill & group chemistry is by far the most important factor. When we got our first sarth3d 10 man kill, it was certainly individual skill & group chemistry that triumphed. Having said that, we were all geared to the teeth in 25 man naxx/maly/sarth3d gear. Our experience has been that 10 man is the hardest encounter in the game. We've had no particular issues with 6 min maly10, naxx10 undying or naxx8. This encounter is a little out of synch with the 10-man progression philosophy, I feel.

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    Thanks for the guidance, but in regards to the bring the player not the character mentality, this group of people are the best I've ever played with. Real life makes them casual, ability puts them above most hardcore players.

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    Ok you're forcing me to suggest classes & specs - ????

    Sarth tank - DK
    Adds & drake tanks: DK + warrior
    dps - at least mage + boomkin for solid AOE

    I tanked sarth as a druid while our DK did adds, but that's because I'm more a more reliable player than our DK. I had a holy pally for heals + a hand of sacrifice on the 2nd giant breath. We used 2 healers. Since everyone is equally skilled in your group, I'd be ruthless and pick those with the highest average ilvl gear. And pick players' "mains" - we've all got alts, but we all know who are "mains" are, I think. Prepare to have your backsides handed to you, and enjoy the learning experience. It really is a very fun encounter.

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    Yea, for all the very skilled people i play with, this encounter is definitely not for the easily frustrated. We have been trying with minimal progression for about 2 weeks now. 2D is a walk in the park, when you throw that third drake in there though... It really throws in a whole different kind of monkey wrench.

    we have a heavy melee makeup and are all full 25 Naxx geared as well. First and second night of attempts we just weren't even close. Tenebron was dieing as Vesperon was landing and the adds were just eating people.

    My suggestion is similar to the one above, bring your absolute best players. Have your most skilled DK tank the adds (arguably there is no one better for it). Have another DK tank Sarth with the intent to maximize his survival CDs for big breaths. And put your third tank on drakes.

    While bleeding edge guilds had this encounter down quite some time ago, it really makes me tip my hat to them for doing it without all the gear we have now.

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    For 10man 3D learning it, you want to bring a stacked melee or a caster group.

    For example:

    Caster group - Lock, Mage, Elly Shaman, Boomkin, Spriest, three tanks and two healers

    Melee - DPS warrior, rogue, Enhancement shammy, ret pally, DK, three tanks and two healers.

    Don't bring more then three tanks and two healers though, since you want DPS to burn thru Shadron asap.


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