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Thread: 3.1 and S5

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    lol Kaz, well don't be a stranger and pop by at least the forums to give us a Morale boost.

    I'll see what I can muster this season but I'm not expecting much higher than 1800 unless me and the paladin really get some games in this week and make a hard push.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Turelliax View Post
    I will never be a kaz.. no one can reach the utter awesomeness of you.

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    Kaz you need to remember one thing...there is no RL, only AFK.
    @bloodwraith, welcome to the club!
    i used to be a warrior and when wotlk hit i had the same experience with DKs as you did. Its definitely fun to be OP and the dk abilities as a whole really cater to what i was looking for in a warrior during BC

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