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Thread: 3.1 for us DKs...

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    3.1 for us DKs...

    Looking at the patch notes so far...makes me sad

    Lichborne, no 25% miss?! turning our 36pt CD's to 2min ...etc

    But i was messing with builds and i found 2 i really like, just seeing what yall think for when it someday, actually becomes live 3.1

    http://talent.mmo-champion.com/?deat...0&version=9658 (45/5/22)
    http://talent.mmo-champion.com/?deat...0&version=9626 (23/5/44)

    Basically, get most of good stuff in each tree, but still get the stam/exp in blood and the other build, to get UB for more TPS...

    thx for ur time..

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    both look good, I think however that unless the fix Ebon Plague stacking right now, you are either going to be taking away from a DPS DK or it's going to be useless, maybe take those two points and put them elsewhere.

    I would do Mark of blood and CE (just for the lulz) but I'm sure there is better than that.

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