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Thread: Warrior Tank Stats Advice

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    Warrior Tank Stats Advice

    I wonder if you could help please. I would like to know the best talent build for a prot warrior please and also what cap stats I should have eg( Block, Dodge, Parry, Hit Rating, Expertise etc)

    The only thing I know for sure is a defense cap of 540 and stack the stamina.

    Would appreciate all the advice possible.

    This is the link to my character

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    Thanks ppl
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    145 views and no replies . Thanks guys :P

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    Your dodge/parry/block is more then fine. The standard spec currently is 15/5/51. Check my armory.

    I don't recommend gemming for just pure stam after 490 defense. I would suggest you use 8 expertise/12 stam in red and blue sockets. And 8 hit/12 stam in all yellows. You can afford to lose some of your 16 defense gems.

    Your like 3 points under the expertise cap, so I would replace those +8 parry/12 stam gems you have with 8 expertise/12stam. Even after the 26 expertise soft, cap expertise is still good btw.
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    Thanks a lot for your help

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