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Thread: Main Off Tank Naxx 25- Need a little Gear Guidance

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    Main Off Tank Naxx 25- Need a little Gear Guidance

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    I am new to my guild, just recently joined, although have been pugging with them for over a month. I am the main Off Tank in the Naxx 25 runs, or MT on the one occasion the Main Tank couldn't make the run. We have full Cleared naxx 25, os 1 drake and mally

    I am lost on what the Best upgrades I can get are. Not a lot drops each week, and A little help figuring out the MUST have at this point would be greatly appreciated.

    I do also MT a Naxx 10 and OS 10 run every week. So I do have gear options from there.

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    Your gear is pretty damn good to be honest. You're in 4/5 Valor, Maly 25 quest neck, full epics, and 30k hp unbuffed.

    You only need a few upgrades. Belt off Maexxa, Last Laugh, shield off KT or Maly 10, bracers off Rezuvious or 60 valor badge bracers if you need the hit. Sand Born Ring which drops off like three bosses in Naxx 25, or 25 badge ring would be nice as well.

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