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Thread: Gemming for DK Tank

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    Gemming for DK Tank

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    I'm starting to get concerned about my threat vs. other tanks. Not that it's bad vs. dps, it just seems to be a bit lower then I'd like it to be. It just doesn't seem like I generate threat on a single target fast enough or consistently enough. Today I was blood DPS spec and tanked 10 man voa. The tank druid pulled off me towards the end the of the fight. I'm probably not used to the blood rotation as I'm usually frost.

    Right now I think I have more then enough health for current fights 30k+ Frost 33k+ blood unbuffed. So should I start gemming for hit for current content or what? What about Ulduar is straight stamina going to be the best or would I be better off gemming for avoidance?

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    Make your avoidance set your primary and get a secondary sta set for bosses that need it.

    One of the hardest hitting bosses, Ingis the Furnace master hits for 33k or so in 25m. It's very unlikely that you'll be able to get 67k hp, so go for 43k to allow for a hit + flame jet combo. Hodir and his frozen blows might be kind of nasty too, but isn't any more than Ignis hits unless you want to count an icicle dropping on you.

    In regards to threat, make a pal cover for you I guess. Or rely on avoidance, BoSanc + Rune Strike on every attack.
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