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Thread: Warrior looking for gear advice.

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    Warrior looking for gear advice.

    Hello all, I am just wondering if any of you think i should be stacking anything but stam/dodge. I am pretty well geared, and do like being at 32k unbuffed health, but would be willing to drop some stam for less incoming damage etc.
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    Kinda depends what you wanna be tanking. For Sarth with drakes up, stam all the way. With your current gear and Naxx tanking? Lots more hit and expertise.
    Ulduar? I'd still not feel comfortable with as litle expertise and hit as you got I'm afraid.

    Expertise is not only a threat stat, but it also prevents spike dmg through parry gibs. Parry gibs are when you attack boss and he parries your attack and gets a haste on his next swing. Saw a 36k hp warrior getting 3 shotted by Sapphiron once with parry gibs, took 2 sec.
    0.0 sec: 12k hit on tank.
    0.5 sec: sapph parrie0
    1.0 sec: 12k hit on tank
    1.5 sec: sapph parries
    2.0 sec: 12k hit on tank + aura = dead tank.
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    yeah, I've heard about expertise and tanking. I am probably going to go with the legs from Malygos, and if I ever get last laugh thats +a lot of expertise right there, as for hit what do you think I can get?

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    The badge cloak is a good start, you will lose some armor, but trade-off's generally have to be made between hit/expertise for armor/avoidance.

    Ablative Chitin Girdle from Maexxna is a direct upgrade to your current item if looking directly for hit. More generally, I would recommend picking up the tier 7.5 gloves along with the boots from Thaddius and swop in items for when you need more Threat. An alternative option to getting threat stats is to try to pick up Grim Toll or the Mark of Norgannon. These have huge amounts of hit and expertise respectively (the former has an amazing proc for warrior tanks) which can save needing to swop around 2 or 3 items.

    As Garbid said I would be a bit wary going into Ulduar with your stats, reaching ~5% hit and getting soft capped on expertise will help your threat enormously.

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    Nice gear, but you're not soft capped for expertise.

    Replace some/all of those +24 stams with 8 expertise/12 stam gems. trust me, it will help alot. You want to reach 26 exp soft cap (and for current content it can help to go even beyond), and with your gear it will be extremely easy and will only take some gold.

    Check my armory for an idea of what you can do.

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