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So a little of info first, I do well, lets just say A LOT, of messing around with specs, glyph, etc., as of right now my favorite spec is what i have, unholy to boneshield, frost to lichbourne, blood to mark of blood, it makes for a fun time. I was a sunwell holy priest in bc until the release of wrath, what else?... idk

Anyway on with the questions.

First off, what is all the buzz about frost tanking? Ive made what i believe to be the best spec in every tree and with every level of points in every tree and i still HATE frost, i was a blood tank until i started doing serious raiding, now im unholy, but i still cant find the attraction to frost, i tried it out many times and only found: horrible threat - esp. aoe threat, damn good talents and cd's to pop, and some nice spells, the threat im getting with it is so horrible i cant even do the first boss in H AN without multiple whipes because of aggro, someone convince me otherwise.

Number 2:
Starting 3d sarth this up coming week, as far as i know im going to be one of the mt's, we have a void fully decked and ready for sarth, and a pally for the adds, so i assume im going to be doing drakes, so heres my question: what should i be looking into to do this best?
spell damage reduction stacking? stam stacking? i cant find great answers online im clueless right now.

<3 blood tanking and i know what you like is really the best spec but
With a couple pally tanks in the guild backing me up now for aoe tanking, would it be smart to go back to blood from unholy since they can handle that? Is it better for a mt to be blood or unholy, etc.?

Who else is freaking excited as hell for ulduarr and all the sweet specs we can come up with, including unholy blight in like all of them? lol

I have really good threat gen, so ive been wondering if its yet worth trying out dw with some tank weps i can pick up, regardless of the parry nerf, or will i still cause whipes with the horrible aggro, any thoughts?