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Thread: Too much expertise?

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    Too much expertise?

    Just wondering if the extra expertise I have gemmed over the soft cap of 26 is going to waste at the moment. I haven't had any luck with the best pieces of expertise gear (3 from naxx have yet to drop, and the H Maly legs I lost a roll on), but I am just wondering if I should regem back to the soft cap or keep going higher.

    Here is my armory link: The World of Warcraft Armory


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    I might recommend switching out some of our +exp/+sta gems for +hit/+sta since you are over the expertise soft cap (26) but not yet at the hit soft cap (8%).
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    26 is for DPS classes (they hit stuff from the back)

    you need 57, and until you got dont go hit. after that, still dont go hit, go dodge or stam.

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