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Thread: Well Geared Tank Looking for some advice

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    Well Geared Tank Looking for some advice

    I know there are certain items I need to upgrade they just haven't dropped yet in 25 Man Naxx, I guess I'm more interested in making sure I'm using the best gems and enchants or if I am messed up in some place
    Also which pieces of gear that I still need to upgrade should I be aiming for.

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    My priorty for loot is

    Wrists (never seen any of them drop in 25 man Naxx working on getting badge ones)

    Gloves (never seen any of them drop in 25 man Naxx, not able to attend the guilds 25 Man OS runs due to work and haven't been able to pug OS 25 man yet)

    Shield (never seen either of the shields drop in 25 man Naxx)

    The next Sand Worn Band (ring) that drops should be mine

    Never seen the Ablative Chitin Girdle drop but will be rolling on it when it does

    Thanks for any and all feedback

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    Hard to quibble with your gear... I'm no where near you gear wise. But if I were in your shoes there are two routes I would consider, both involve rolling back some of that hp.

    1 - I would change chest and shield to +defense, and swap repelling charge for a threat trinket. You might need to change the yellow socket in your belt to def/sta gem too. You can always swap it back in for fights where you really need it.

    2 - I would regem all the red gems to guardians and change the bracer enchant to +15 expertise. You're at the expertise softcap but that's still only about half way to the hardcap, so you are still getting parried quite a bit.

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    hmm to reply to your 2 answers

    I don't have any threat issues right now so I don't think I really need to swap out my defensive trinket for more threat trinkets and 2 while going after the hard cap for expertise is an idea I have yet to see any tank actually chase that beyond the 2 examples given in the HIt and Expertise thread in the Gear and Enchanting forum.

    Also, and i may be wrong here, I think 32k is going to be about the min amount of health unbuffed a tank is going to need for the new raid zone in 3.1, does anyone else have any thoughts on this

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