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Thread: Prot warrior needing help

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    Prot warrior needing help

    Hello, Im looking for some help. So right now im currently wearing The World of Warcraft Armory .

    Now if you could please check the talent build, not sure if it could be better.

    Things i realize
    Yes the plate helmet does not have the 37 stamina, 20 def chant on it. I realize that and im working on revered right now.
    i know im over capped but i have had people tell me as i start getting better gear ill eventually lose alot of def rating so im just being careful.
    Another thing i realize is yes the chant on the bracers is terrible but whatever i think i got for free?

    So anything about my gear please tell me.

    But for the real problem, I am scared to run Naxx... like legit... I have been at least invited to say like 20 -25 naxx raids since ive been 80. And since Im not very confident on my gear ive always said no.

    I came to a conclusion that i could tank in naxx, but now raid leaders are like "be geared. and EXPERIENCED". I have no experience and i really don't want to throw my self out there and fuck up the entire group?

    Any tips thanks.

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    No amount of gear is going to make up for not knowing the fights. Take a look at Cider's vids here at TS to learn the boss fights. That's what I did, and it helped immensely.

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    Gear wise, there is no reason why you cant OT or MT many of the bosses in 10man Nax. You're talents look fine to me.

    Experience wise, nothing replaces actually being there and doing the encounters. Watch the vids, read the guides, peruse tips on thottbot (with a grain of salt). But get into a group and OT for a tank who has been there before and watch what he or she does, both good and bad. We as tanks have more stress and responsibility on our shoulders then any other type of character, but wipes happen, dont be affraid to attempt something to the point that you exclude yourself from the content.
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