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Thread: Am I ready for Naxx

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    Am I ready for Naxx

    My guild will start running some Naxx in the next week or so.....I hope, lol.

    My questions is Am I ready? I am the only warrior in the guild and the only tank I do believe. So I dont get many in game chances to ask other tanks questions about gear. I am still running Heroics and doing ok in them I think.

    What changes should I make as far as gems goes? I know I need gear upgrades too.

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    Id say hit up AN for essence of goss trinket, and UP for the red sword of courage....both will help u a lot in naxx

    also hit up both 10/25 man vaults every week...both are very easy and very good for getting great gear early on, and can be easily pugged early on in the week if your guild doesnt run them

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