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Thread: Are we supposed to regem Stamina for Ulduar?

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    Are we supposed to regem Stamina for Ulduar?

    Burning Crusade we all knew to stack stamina for Boss Progression, so wouldn't it be the same thing? I normally go with Exp-Stam gems and throw in a few +24 stam when the socket bonus aint worth it.

    Here is my Armory, critique would be nice.

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    Expertise softcap is actually quite easy to reach and going beyond that is probably not very effective. I've been popping stamina gems on most slots since the avoidance levels we're getting from current items are actually pretty high for first tier of raiding gear.
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    In TBC, you actually wanted to stack avoidance, especially for Sunwell. Going by the same guidelines you followed in TBC would be a "scrubish" thing to do. The game changes and you have to rethink and retest everything and find the true factors in determining what you should be going for. Some people around here continue to say, "get to the defense cap and then stack sta", but it doesn't really matter since current content is cake.

    It'll be hard to stack HP to take 2 hits in a row without heals and healers will be needing to manage mana better. If you stack HP, you can survive with half heals rather than requiring maximum heals between hits, especially vs. 33k hitters like Ignis or Hodir with Frozen Blows. If you stack avoidance and have enough to survive one hit, you might be training your healers better to spot heal rather than spam heal. You might wipe if you get an unlucky hit with a 10k Flame Jet + a 33k hit, but I highly doubt the people who killed him had a MT with 44k hps or MT that didn't make good use of sufficient cooldowns in a situation like that.

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    The testing has just begun. I haven't exactly read much in therms of results yet, so I'd say it's quite early to make a statement.

    Either way. For me the only thing that might change is dropping the odd socket bonus for stam or change a stam/exp gem for stam/dodge.

    To be honest - I am much more eagerly awaiting the possible changes to tanks all over the board when 3.1 hits. When those AND the encounters are a little bit clearer I'll rethink my gear choices and gemming/enchanting.

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    When Ulduar hits I will most likely keep my gems the same (8exp/12stam's) to stay at the cap but will use the Essence and JC crab for the extra stam. Also I might switch a few things out for abit more EH/Mit (boots off Thaddius in exchange for Valor boots for example, or Naxx 25 cloak in exchange for Platinum Mesh) since I'll still be over expertise soft cap.

    After Ulduar is on farm, I'll go back to the same set-up I have now.
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    I don't see anything wrong with your set up. Looks pretty good to me and similar to what I have. I don't like the dodge trinket much and with Repelling Charge off Thaddius you could cover all your avoidance bases and drop some def gems/chants to stay above cap.

    I am an admitted EH whore and will skew my gear that way even if it goes against conventional wisdom. I don't think its as clear cut as it once was but I think Ulduar progression is going to favor EH with enough threat to lock down mobs.

    I personally will maintain my expertise and hit and try to improve my hp through Ulduar drops.

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