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Thread: Flasks/ Potions / Elix to bring

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    Flasks/ Potions / Elix to bring

    What Potions, Flasks, Elixirs should I be bringing on my heroic runs. I have 540 def, so I don't think I need any extra from pots. But I don't know what I should stock up on.

    Also What food/meal will give me the best buff for raiding?

    Is there anything else like sharpening stones? or runes that you bring also?



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    Really depends what your gear is like. You can generally get away with no elixirs at all, really. But if you're determined to, elixir of major fort is good...I also like guru's elixir.

    Flasks probably aren't a bad idea; especially if you're in a pug, and you're going to be spamming a few heroics back to back.

    Food-wise I really like the rhinolicious wyrmsteaks, but I generally only use those for raiding, not heroics.

    And no, sharpening stones went out with level 70 weapons, just like mana / wizard oils.

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    For heroic food i bring baked manta ray(haste+stam), because it's relatively cheap on my realm and i havent leveled my cooking.

    For raids I bring snapper extreme(40 hit 40 stam), which is a bit more expensive, but I'm not hit capped yet so it helps more than the .01 hast the manta ray gives.

    Elixir of mighty fortitude and guru's elixir are a great combination, they combine for a better health boost than flask of fortification, and the guru's is +20 allstats. However, they do not persist thru death like the flask, if raiding with a pug or non-veteran group the use of elixirs can get expensive.

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    Depending on the fight.

    Accuracy / fortitude + expertise food (since that then sits me at hitcapped and 56 exp)


    Guru / either protection or defense, depending on how you feel. still expertise food.

    If you're going to flask, I still feel best with flasks of chromatic wonder for general purpose use, it annoys me that there is no upgraded wrath equivalent.
    Otherwise, stoneblood as usual.

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