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Thread: Regarding about gem slots need opinions.

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    Regarding about gem slots need opinions.

    Okay I need more opinions regarding about a 16 str versus a 24 sta gem which would be better. Based on what I know is as of current content there is no reason to go all out EH since content is easy so i subbed in 16 Str gems to red sockets in my valorous gear.

    Mind you I was still 31.1K HP UB whereas if i stacked full EH I was sitting around 32.1K HP UB. Now the reason why I stacked roughly 3-4 +16 str gems was to help increase my SBV so I deal more damage and more threat (correct me if I'm wrong). I would like to reiterate again content is easy and requires no EH considering I've downed all 10 and 25 man while equipped with my 16 Str gems.

    Threat was of no issue except maybe in Malygos due to constant movement which gimped my TPS alot due to low HS spam but other fights no DPS could touch me. I realized that Expertise is also very important and should have included that over str gems which is what i'm doing instead but I was sitting at around 20 exp even with the STR gems. I don't understand why its such a huge commotion when you see a warrior tank with 4 red gems who has MT all bosses and has not struggled whatsoever. I've beaten out many prot pallies and DK on AoE trash but people are dead set on beating me in a debate saying this and that EH is the way to go blah blah.

    I understand EH and I do realize its importance but whats the point of adding 1-2K extra health when I can put in a few str gems to do more DPS as prot. I mean as of now the only progression we're doing is Sartharion 3 drakes up and I'm not MT it since we have a DK so again EH why? when fully buffed I sit around 38-39k health. I'm usually on add control duty as well. Guess my question would be do you think putting in 3-4 Str gems is better then putting in 3-4 STA gems considering you have already cleared content except Sarth3D and I don't MT Sartharion(though since this is progression I guess I could of switched out str gems and replaced it with sta just for sake of progression).

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    link to your armory? as a general statement thats one thing, but to answer your question as it relates to your char specifically is hard without seeing what you already have. imo, since youre not the MT in these encounters that require more sta to survive, i think youd be wasting your time (especially since you say you already have 31k unbuffed).

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    I think your on the right track, with 30+k HP UB, and decent avoidance, i'd definately be going with some STR. Assuming you are over the Exp softcap and have sufficient hit.

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    For best in slot tanking items:
    Red=Exp/Sta (threat/eh)
    Yellow=Def/Sta (avoidance) hit/sta (if under hit cap)
    Blue = Sta

    For OT duty when not tanking (Thadius, Saphiron, Malygos P1) get SBV set, maintain 540 def where you can be "oh shit" tank but get SBV set into play - Lavanthor talisman is must + few more SBV items, e.g. pants from Loatheb, 2xT7,5 and some more good sbv items. For any offtanking duty - get normal tanking best in slot set, gonna make life of your healers easier.
    Mookey | GM of <RISE> Xavius [EU]

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