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Thread: Just got half a dozen new items - Advice

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    Just got half a dozen new items - Advice

    Hi all. I wasn't sure if this should have gone in the Armory thread or here. If it's in the wrong one, moderators please give it a boot

    (Armory Link The World of Warcraft Armory) (Please ignore the Dodge/Defense gems. I overcalculated how much defense a couple of pieces would lose me. They'll be fine-tuned after the main decisions are made). Currently an Unholy tank.

    Anyways. Last night I finally got my first full-clear of Naxx 25, and picked up half a dozen new items (I think my DKP has gone below absolute zero).
    A couple of them were pretty strict upgrades:
    T7->T7.5 shoulders
    Minion Bracers-> Bracers of the Unholy Knight
    Plague Impervious Boots->(Sabatons of Endurance - Item - World of Warcraft)
    10 man Badge neck->Heritage.

    However, the last two are giving me a bit of a problem trying to figure out what to do with:
    T7.5 Pants token (Valorous Scourgeborne Legguards - Item - World of Warcraft).
    (Cloak of the Shadowed Sun - Item - World of Warcraft)

    I'm currently using:
    (Dragon Brood Legguards - Item - World of Warcraft)
    (Cloak of Peaceful Resolutions - Item - World of Warcraft)

    The main issues that I'm having is wondering if the stam/avoidance increase is worth the hit rating loss (I'm on 6.5% at the moment), this is especially true for the legs, since it'd be a 1.5% hit loss, for a reasonable but not huge avoidance/stam increase.

    The cloak is a little more complex. Do I just use the Shadowed Sun one, or do I get the 25 man badge cloak (Platinum Mesh Cloak - Item - World of Warcraft), which would mean no Hit rating loss.
    However my other option for my badges (when I get 4 more) is (Kyzoc's Ground Stompers - Item - World of Warcraft), which would net me more avoidance than the Sabatons of Endurance, but would be a pretty hefty Expertise loss.

    So. Thats my conundrum and I just dont know which way to leap and which combination yields the best results, and I'm currently at work so my calculation chances are a bit limited.

    Does anyone have some advice/reccomendations for me?

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    I can tell you safely to get the emblem cloak. Hands down, it's the best cloak in the game. Since you already have the Sabatons of Endurance, I wouldn't bother getting the emblem boots. About the pants, they are so similar that I'd probably just use the Dragon Brood and turn the token in for a pair of DPS pants.
    Told you so.

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