I have a tank warrior that is pretty good. About 29k health, 24 armor, 62% avoidance, etc.. I have been tanking for almost two years without respeccing much at all. Tanking will always be my first choice for spec, but after so long I'm getting a little bored. I think a little dps'ing is in order to reignite my enjoyment of the game. Not having much experience at all with the other specs, I simply changed to fury spec, which is what I see most warriors doing anyway. Problem is, I seem to have found an enjoyment for doing pvp, and would rather spend my time doing that then raids and instances. Is fury still ok for pvp like arena's and BG's? I have heard that arms spec is better for pvp but don't know why, which is why I'm here. As always, all opinions and advice are much appreciated.