Hello just wanted to see what others thought.
I have always tired to chant and gem to maintain 540 Def and over 30k HP and kinda just filled in the blanks with what was low.
I am now tossing around the idea of taking out some of my 24 sta gems and replacing them with 12sta +8 to expertise? hit? or def?
Plus I have like 50 emblems of heroism and I also thought about taking out my lvl 70 darkmoon maddness trinket to get the 80 something to dodge hero emblem trinket?
one other thing I also thought of doing was to swap out my Meta gem for the 21 Def 5% shield block one?
If I did all of these changes I would go down from 30k hp to around 28.6k hp? but of cousre would have a lot of extra avoidance, block and expertise or hit

What are some of your thoughts look at my character armory link and let me know. Im not having any problems with any 5 mans or raids and some would say dont fix what isnt broke but im always looking to be better, never happy with current gear always want more Thanks.