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Thread: Prot warrior set up. maybe some advice?

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    Prot warrior set up. maybe some advice?

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    Thats my toon, i have been main tanking naxx 25 and i seem to have a slight tps problem, i sit around 4.5k 6.5k tps, but i still seem to need misdirects and what not, should i be needing those? say on lotheb and unclean?

    sorry about the grammer, its late and im on pain killers for my wisdom teeth, anyhelp would be great

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    If you're getting the 0% threat 'buff' on Loatheb early on and dps just nukes away you're screwed. Remember that.

    You might want a bit more expertise on your gear, however that can be easily sorted by food and elixirs.
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    Replace those parry/stamina gems, they're horrible choise for avoidance. Swap some of those out for expertise/stamina if it's threat that you need and try to grab some socket bonuses for stamina. Socket bonus on chest is so minor after dimishing returns that I'd just go for 2x +24sta on it and you can probably gain more from dropping defence gem to belt which gives you avoidance + stamina (socket bonus).
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    Yeah, your gem choices may be a big reason for your threat problems. Consider picking up expertise/stam gems those things are GOLD. As for the 2 bosses you're having threat problems on i have that happen to me as well. Heigan is a pain regarding threat, especially if you start to get too close to the raid and the dps starts trying to boss you around on where to go and you're hitting you vent button instead of your tps cycle

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    You should really look at the enchants on your gear. I am personally not a fan of the 2% threat; I would recommend +20 hit since you are low on your hit rating.

    I would also recommend replacing your shield with the 35 heroic emblem one. The hit rating is really nice on it, and your TPS goes up when your hit rating is going up.

    If you have the extra gold I would recommend buying the 60 Embelm of Valor bracer from someone. Right now people are selling their 60 Emblems for about 2k gold.

    The last suggestion I can give is to respec. Don't just go 2 points into the One-Handed specialization. I don't like cutting the 3 points away from my Shield Specialization, but I don't go into Cruelty. A lot of other tanks do the same spec you have just not going 5 points into Sheild Specialization, they just go 2 points into it. That will help you out with your threat; the more DMG you do the more TPS you will have.

    And like the others said; for the love of GOD please replace those gems

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