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Thread: Trinket advice needed

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    Trinket advice needed

    Hello Im a Prot Warrior Im looking to buy one new trinket and I have to choose between one of the two Emblems of Heroism trinkets.

    My current Dodge is 19.49% and my current crit is 7.43%

    I was about to buy the Valor Medal of the first war which adds 84 to dodge or 2.1% plus a use to increase dodge by 335 for 20 sec with a 2 min cd
    But then I started looking at the Mirror of truth which adds 84 to crit or 1.8% plus a chance on hits to add 1000AP for 10 secs
    Im I crazy to even consider the crit and AP trinket over the dodge? Im looking at my low crit percentage and the mirror would help me increase the crit as well as that 1000ap buff once in awhile would both help with dps and threat
    Thanks in advance for your replys

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    You aint ment to do dmg, but take dmg as tank.
    Go for dodge trinket first of all, you can allways buy the other later
    More dmg reduction = easyer job for healers!

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    it depends on your other stats first. If you're avoidance is already solid than I wouldn't bother with the Valor Medal (in my opinion it's overrated, i don't own one and haven't had a need for it). If you ever plan on spec'ing dps or just wanting to increase your threat output, the mirror is a very fine trinket indeed (I use the mirror a LOT).

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    If you know there is no way you will EVER spec dps for anything - I suppose go ahead and pick up the dodge trinket. I have it but pretty much never use it. It is something you will probably want for certain situations but not something you'll wear all the time.

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    if you're roughly at 20% dodge and 20% parry Then i'd say mirror. When under the hit cap as a DK I used the sphere of dragon's blood trinket which had an AP bonus on use, macro'd that to blood fury as an orc and pop that for blood lusts or as often as possible during trash. I've tried out the Mirror as well and it's nice. Currently the content is easy enough that worrying about having a ton of avoidance really doesn't matter too much, but you may want to consider that Ulduar boss tuning isn't done and you may need more avoidance then.

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