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Thread: Paladin Main Tank spec for 25 mans

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    Paladin Main Tank spec for 25 mans

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    Ok so there is my armory, I have been playing around with my build lately and have devaited from the 5/60/6 build reccommended everywhere. The reason being is the other tanks are slowly creeping up the threat meters on me and I really think there has got to be a way to pusht he envelope further, I went to a crusade build and the healers said it was much harder to keep me up. With this spec I am in general pushing 8-10k TPS in 25 mans, under the 5/60/6 build it was 7.5-8.5k but much steadier. Is there something I am missing? I am following a strict 9696 rotation of course and am wondering if maybe the only way to squeeze more out is through macros instead to eliminate the small amount of human lag? I have poured through posts here and on maintankadin and haven't found anything. I even armoried Lore and he's playign around in ret now.

    btw if it shows one of the trinkets as the Mirror of truth thats for 5/10 mans only, in abom and up in nax I used Rune of Repulsion. Thanks for any input

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    I use this spec: Armory Lite - The WoW Armory Alternative: Kelstet of Demon Soul simply because I can't see not having PoJ it helps me pick up mobs quicker have that bit of movement boost. I fare pretty well in 25's and don't have a problem with threat unless an OT taunts off me by accident but a taunt back and shield/hammer in there take care of that.


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    I by no means am having any issues holding threat, since the 2 upgrades I got last night my threat has gone up to 8-9k tps tonight, just wondering if there is any way to squeeze a little more out of there by going deeper into the ret tree but still with a MT spec. Going full crusade spec is not an option as the healers said ti was too hard to heal me.

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