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Thread: I need theory/math help from a super nerd!

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    I need theory/math help from a super nerd!

    Edit: I don't necessarily need screenshots, but anything you can post to indicate you ACTUALLY TESTED this stuff is appreciated.

    I need to know how some armor stuff is calculated with respect to ancestral fortitude/inspiration. (This is all for Patchwerk 25 hateful strike tanking, BTW.)

    1. Is +10% armor from talents multiplicative or additive with +25% armor from AF/Insp.? i.e. If I have 1000 armor on all my items (and my character sheet says 1,100 armor) will my buffed armor be 1,350 or 1,375? (For the algebraically inclined, x + .1x + .25x or x*1.1*1.25)

    2. Do stoneskin or devotion aura get the bonus from Ancestral Fortitude/Inspiration?

    3. Does the mighty armor cloak enchant or a scroll of protection get the bonus from talents or AF/Inspir.?

    4. If I remember correctly, my % reduction against an 80 went from about 62.5% without AF/Inspir to 69.5% with it. Is it correct to say that having AF/Inspiration procced would reduce incoming physical damage by 19%?

    5. Is it worth using rings and a cloak with armor over avoidance rings for Patchwerk? I've considered using one of my blue armor rings just because collectively it's 1500 armor without the buffs even, which seems more reliable than the avoidance.

    6. Would I be wasting armor having a feral druid do this? I actually haven't used a bear tank OT yet, which may be why I'm having so much trouble with Patchwerk.

    I'm just thinking that I might be able to push a fully buffed plate tank close to the 75% cap for armor if I really buff them, and that it'll give me the edge I need vs. Patchwerk.



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    Did some testing, scrolls and devotion aura don't benefit from inspiration/ancestral fortitude.

    We don't get our 10% armor from toughness for rings. I didn't test cloaks, shields, or swords or trinkets or anything.

    Inspiration/AF does work on the armor from rings, however, as well as our base armor (220->275 for me).

    Also the bonus is multiplicative. When wearing my inexorable sabatons (1580 base armor) my armor went up to 2447, which is:

    220 * 1.25 + 1580 * 1.1 * 1.25 (base armor * inspiration + item armor * toughness * inspiration)

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    I haven't tested this in a while, but as memory serves, the Inspiration/Ancestral Fort short-term armor buff is a total armor buff. That means whatever your armor is at the time it procs gets the multiplier.

    Talented and baseline buffs such as Toughness, Stance/Presence/Shifts, meta gem % bonus, etc all are strictly armor from armor. I know rings, necks, and trinkets were specifically removed from Frost/Bear though I'm not sure about for talents though it wouldn't surprise me.

    If you can push your armor to the cap that'll be an impressive feat, though you may find you get more benefit from avoidance than you will from armored rings and trinkets.
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    Unless you can keep 95% uptime on the armor, then you get the avoidance... and the armor. BC bears makin a comeback!

    Think about it, armor cap, plus DK avoidance? And CD's? Interesting thought indeed.
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