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Thread: BoAK vs. Chestplate of Conquest

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    BoAK vs. Chestplate of Conquest

    I'm a Fury Warrior

    which is better
    Chestplate of Conquest


    Bulwark of the Ancient Kings

    Right now Bulwark has +8 stats and three +12 str gems.

    Also should I be aiming at crit over haste? The Wotlk Fury gear guide has alot of haste items over crit items.


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    If you put +16 str gems in your BoAK it comes down to 25 haste + (handful of ap from ATT) vs 25 hit + 30 minute cooldown.

    If you are over softcap of your hit:
    The Chestplate of Conquest is better by a hair

    If you are under your softcap of hit:
    The BoAK is much better.
    The beast is getting hungrier.

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    Good point thanks!

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