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Thread: DPS as tank

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    DPS as tank

    i have always been tanking as a pally and i just respecced holy to see ths other side of the world.

    While healing, i was very surprised to see the differences of dammages output from tanks (in heroics) while tanking.

    Pallys seem to have the highest DPS. In 5 man i have ~1300-1400 dps and my stuff is mainly purples from heroics.

    I was wondering what kind of DPS output can be expected from different tanking classes in heroics/10man/25man.

    if you guys have any ideas on the subject that would be nice.


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    Well I'm always up to doing the most dps of the tanks in my guild. With full Raid support I managed to come close to 2,8k dps [Patchwerk25], two weeks ago (at that time I only had 26expertise and our Raid no Enhancementshaman or Marksman, so I guess I still can boost it a bit.).

    The last time I tanked a Heroic I remember doing about 1,2 to 1,3 dps...

    Empirically I'd say that in most cases, Warriors deal the lowest damage, about 1,2/1,6/1,9 [hero/10/25] in overall data (trash & bosses)
    Followed by Druids (more on bosses, less on trash) with about 1,4/1,7/2,0 and Paladins (insane damage at trash, lower one on bosses). 1,4/1,9/2,1
    Last there are the DKs of which I cant say too much. I'd set them to about the values, Paladins are.
    Sorry for my English

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    Look, its meh, Alesna, tanking Adds @ Sarth 2D

    Wow Web Stats

    Sad that HB gets nerfed so hard with 3.1 :|

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    My general experience has been that DKs tend to do the most damage, followed by druids, followed by paladins, followed by warriors. This is on trash & bosses. But... it's all anecdotal, so I'm not surprised that others have different results.

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    Alesna Questions

    Alesna, I am very interested in your tanking because you have something I do not "threat/dps". I have great gear very similar to yours. 25 man gear, usually best is slot or 2nd best. I stack stem gems, and all my enchants are like yours except for the Hit you have on gloves. From comparing our gear/gems/enchants it seems to me that you aimed for a good amount of Hit sacrificing avoidance. I have done OS 3D 10 man and 25 man tanking Sarph in both situations, so I can tank... but I just can't put out the threat/dps

    I'm guessing aside from the hit rating you have over me the main difference is spec/rotation.

    The spec I made was aimed towards tanking/threat(dps). But doesn't seem to succeed, I get about 1500 dps lol, and I thought it was due to my class until I saw your numbers.

    For blood I go to Bloody Strikes/Veteran of 3rd War, Forst I go to Unbreakable Armor, and Unholy I go to Epidemic/Mordibity

    I say in WWS for the OS 2D fight you had Blood Presence on, do you tank that way? Or were you just dpsing at the time?

    I guess my other questions were do you always out dps your raids? What your rotation was, and am I correct in focusing on hit rating aftr def capped sacrificing avoidance and stacking stam?

    Another thing I saw was you had the Armor Meta gem instead of the Spell Reduction Meta gem, was that for any reason?

    Thanks a lot

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    this fight against Sarth 2D is a bit of fake... I was NOT in Blood Presence and i was NOT DPS'ing. I was in Frost Presence and tanking the mass amount of Fire Elementals / Drake Whelps and critting like hell with HB.

    I say @ single target DPS i get up to 2,5k raidbuffed. +-500

    I tried Blood for myself.. it's a very viable Build but more on Solo PvE'ing.. I killed almost everything solo with the self heal and so on.. Maybe this changes in 3.1 with Frost nerf / Blood buff cuz' of imp Death Strike.. But i don't get the idea of a self healing tank if he has like 2-3 healers on himself.

    For AoE Dps/Tps i'll go for Frost (NOT @ 3.1 i think) for single Dps/Tps i'd go for Unholy.. And I think i'm Unholy again when 3.1 arrives..

    I don't concentrate on any of my stats but Stamina.. I like the amount of HP.. it makes me feel safe.. I also have an Avoidance gear for some fights.. You can choose between go for Avoidance or go for Health i think or imo the best option is to balance it well.

    I'm not outdps'ing the other dd's usually.. but in this special case @ Sarth 2D it's an amazing feeling if you go for 80.000 Crits all the time. Therefore I don't use a "real" rotation.. I go for priorities and have to watch the Killing Machine and Rime Proccs.. I would never.. (never never never) use a Killing Machine procc on Frost Strike instead of HB while AoE tanking. So i maybe have to wait a few secs for HB to be up again if KM proccs. And of course i keep my Death Chill on CD. :P

    I use the Armor Meta cuz' of Bladed Armor i think.. More Armor -> More AP -> More TPS.. or Maybe cuz' i don't need the 2% extra Magic Mitigation.. ^^

    DK... a world about options.... Go for Unholy if you think you need better Magic Tanking capabilities.

    hope it helps

    best regards, Alesna

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    I spent a little bit of time as Arms recently and I don't raid all that much. So most of my tank observations are from pugging (and most of the tanks weren't all that good).

    The best DK I saw was a Frost DK guildie with half heroic epics and some 10 man gear. He topped 2k sustained through CoS. Oddly enough his trash and boss dps was about the same. The next best DK I played with was I think blood. He had 30k hp (and may not have been specced for tanking based on some comments he made during the run), he only did 1400 on most bosses in HoS (which is more movement intensite though).

    Pallies were a huge mixed bag. The MT in my guild was doing between 1500 - 1800 on KT / 25, our lol-run through SSC and I think on Sarth. My pally friend in full raid gear was easily sustaining 1800 through heroics (we ran a bunch). I don't remember any of his boss numbers for some reason.

    I didn't get to run with any druids and all the warriors I ran with were trash (mostly around 1k).

    Not to sound too stuck up, but I'm going to use my own numbers to defend warrior dps.
    When I was exclusively heroic geared I did 1400 sustained through a heroic, topping out at 1700 on a tank and spank.
    I'm a little out of practice but have gotten some big gear upgrades since then (I'm hit/exp capped for heroics among other things). I can do 1600 sustained through a heroic and get around 1900 on a tank and spank boss (Infinite Corrupter, Moorabi, ect) without stacking my buffs or using consumables.

    I did do 2400 dps a long time ago on a boss when we stacked the group with 100% bloodlust uptime, totems, blessings, improved shouts and consumables (fury war, ret paly, dk, resto shammy and about a 30 sec boss kill). But that's meaningless since I'll never do that again and don't want to burn the consumable on heroics =p.

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