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Thread: What do i do now :)

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    What do i do now :)

    Heya Guys on Tankspot

    This is my first actual post, i've been looking at tons of topics etc. And i guess it was my turn now, i'm quite worried to mess this up, but hey, i'll just get flamed or try again

    Well what i wanna achieve with this post is to get some tips and hints on what to do now, i'm currently working on improving my gloves as priority numero uno! I'd also like to know what im ready to tank etc.

    Here's my link, give me some feedback:
    The World of Warcraft Armory

    Minor note, my guild doesnt raid much, so im mainly gearing up from HC's etc. Thanks in advance.

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    Well your gears not lookin too bad but here's some suggestions:


    First off stop stacking stamina. That's your biggest problem. If you have an extra 5% of mitigation you won't need the stamina. Large stamina only helps out for bosses like patchwerk in naxx and a few others, otherwise it's pointless.

    Get the head enchant for dodge+def from argent and shoulder from sons of hodir.

    Enchant on shield should be defense rating.

    Max up as much defense as you can and ditch pantheon for Medal of the first war and maybe lavanthors to boost up your block by 5%.

    Also get rid of gossamer it is useless except for patchwerk(and even then it's a dps battle so keeping you healed shouldn't be a problem). It has a 2% proc chance which is way too low to bank on. You have valor and another trinket you can pop on boss you will be much better than hoping on the small chance gossamer is going to proc and keep you alive.

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    That's me. I know it's not perfect and i could be doing better but you get the idea.

    If you have the money buy the bracers(BOE valor bracers) and the cloak, then enchant with def as i have.

    Pally is really easy to max def as so you should be focusing on pure mitigation.

    Any stamina gems you have should be replaced with dodge+stam and/or parry+stam.

    Just remember people may cry about your hp's but when the heals have an easy time keeping you up and you have proven yourself.


    First off fix your talents. I know if you were too look mine up it's broken too. For maximum benefit you should not be aiming for any dps talents.

    You should have kings(as should i but i don't) to boost party and PoJ(Pursuit of Justice). The extra 15% run speed definatily helps since pally's do not have charge or grip or any other moves to get us in quickly.

    Seals of the pure and Reckoning are just garbage overall so much better stuff you can put them in.(yes i realize i did the same for seals). Remember your objective is not to do huge dps as people expect the tank to be lowest. Also you are a benchmark for any dps in your parties, if they don't beat the tank they are crappy dps and get the boot.

    Overall you aren't doing bad but looks like you are falling for the "oh you must have tons of hp's to do well" but when you get hit twice as hard twice as often the hp doesn't matter. Keep up farming heroics for any epics and you will be fine. Run violet hold for the legs and maybe some gloves if they drop(they aren't bad gloves till you get the T7's). hmm correction you have the legs. Well for most of your gear now you will be looking to run naxx10 for your T7 pieces. You could always get in on VoA and OS as they are half hour instances(sometimes shorter or longer) and you can get all your tier peices. Most of them are pugs too so you don't even have to worry just be sure to run them early in the week and will even be able to do the 25 man versions they are exactly the same and soooo easy.

    Oh lastly before i forget pick up another profession asap. I would suggest either JC'ing or Blacksmithing for max personal benefit. You can choose to either have +41 stam gems(can help a lot if you get them) or extra sockets on gloves+bracer if you are blacksmithing. Either way they help a lot.
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