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Thread: Question about maly trinket.

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    Question about maly trinket.

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    Now how do you all feel about this trinket for warrior tanking? Currently I am using The alchemist one, 75 stam and 50 dodge rating, as well as the Jewelcrafting Monarch crab. Any thoughts on it?

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    Its good for threat, if you aren't capped. But isn't it pretty obvious? Don't really know what else can be said I got myself one for my threat set, there was absolutely noone in my guild interested in obtaining one, and 2nd drop got de'ed... Is it really that easy to get expertise capped for all melee dpsers? :s

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    the mark of Norgannon (sp?) is awesome for threat! best threat trinket in the game right now. Perfectly acceptable to use if you're not having trouble surviving encounters.

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