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Thread: Tanking Glyphs of 3.1 (wow)

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    Tanking Glyphs of 3.1 (wow)

    Ok so Glyph of Shockwave and Glyph of Shield Wall.

    I'm a bit saddened that I might have to leave my Blocking, Revenge, Devastate set up.

    I'm wondering if Shockwave will out play Devastate, I'm not sure how the double sunders really affect threat, but Shockwave on a lower CD makes AoE easier and increases damage. I'll miss the simple sundering though.

    Glyph of Shield Wall is just some stupid gimmick to appease the Sarth issue. I think it's an ungraceful solution to a problem. Not every boss needs such consistent migitation. (also pretty OP imo)

    I still think some form of combo between Spell Reflect and Shield Block would have been a better option. Like when used in unision you gain "some bull shit I cant think of right now" Or even buff the effects of Last Stand and lower the CD of both abilities two rougly 3 minutes

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    Did some accidental testing yesterday.

    Had some of my fury glpyhs on... and tanking in 25 naxx... oops.

    ANyway, the only tanking glyph I had on was glyph of heroic strike, with my normal setup being heroic strike, revenge, and blocking.

    Well, with glyph of heroic strike being changed to 5% crit instead of rage on crit... we're already in infinate rage situations... on bosses at least.

    New Proposed Glyph Setup

    Glyph Of Blocking (+Block value after shield slam, % based.)
    Glyph of Shockwave (reduces cooldown on shockwave, great for AoE, and still good for single target/boss as you should still be keeping SW on CD.)
    Glyph of Shield Wall <--- the good one.
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    I'm running the Blocking, Revenge, Devastate setup too but with the new changes I'm thinking more a long the lines of Blocking, Heroic Strike, Devastate.

    Glyph of HS looks really strong right now when you consider how it'll fit into the 15/5/51 build.

    I'm assuming that will put us around 20% (15% from Incite and 5% from the glyph)* chance of critting with HS which means more Impale procs and more Deep Wounds procs.

    *If my assumption on 20% is bad I'm sure the mathy types will rightly correct me. I'm just thinking that they are both basing their percentage on base and not modified Critical Strike chance.

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    Info about me:

    -ATM i run glyph of heroic strike, blocking and revenge, mainly because nothing else is decent
    -MT/tank officer of maelstrom
    -armory: The World of Warcraft Armory

    From the looks of the new glyphs / glyph changes an the implementation of dual spec, ill probably be runnning 2 tank builds.

    Tank build A - MT build

    With the exception of malygos, i can sleep while tanking and put out 5k+ tps and nvr worry about ne thing, however with new fights similar to hard hitting patchwerk and dual spec, im thinking of going back to the old "must have all avoidance talents" style build for the fights were tps isnt a problem and with the new healer mp5 changes.

    Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft

    my fury warrior has imp demo shout which is why i dont have that talent


    Blocking - 10% block value, ur dumb if u dont have this while MTing, i can see why u may not get it for AOE tanking, but single target its a huge threat and midigation glyph

    Shield Wall - Whether its 1 or 2 min depending on if they remove the talent to reduce it another min, a 2 min shield wall is VERY sexy. ATM, if u think of the malygos fight, for an undergeared tank or a raid with "meh" healers, have a big CD (shield wall or last stand) up after every vortex is AMAZING to keep ur self alive for the 11-15k wack + 20-25k breath ( = 31k to 40k dmg)

    Revenge / vigilence / spell reflect / last stand
    ATM, i probably wont be using the last 2, i havent met a boss yet where he casts so much that 1 sec off spell reflect is worth it, and with shield wall being up so fast, a 3.5 min last stand isnt needed, 30% more health isnt much of a rolling protection buff, it is more of a "FUCK my healer is silenced for 2 seconds" button.
    Revenge is really nice, no rage heroic strike is ballin and nice for shitty rage fights like grobbulus. However this glyph fails at life on fights like KT where he loves casting frost bolts and u nvr get to avoid him.
    Vigilence in the end sounds the best, really usefull since as more content comes out, the dps will do more threat, already mages, enh shamans, boomkins and fury warriors r pumping the dmg/threat and this could help you a lot on your tps since you will be in a protection talent build instead of deep wounds

    Tank Build B - AOE / 5 man build

    In a lot of heroics and 5 mans in general, its all about tanking more than 1 mob, even bosses have adds these days. Most groups AOE the trash also, so ur AOE threat has to be very sexy. Unfortunately, until you have played a warrior for a while, most are virgins where it comes to great AOE tanking.

    Tab targeting, knowing when to stop tanking a target cause it will die before dps pulls aggro, Cleaving, thunderclaping @ right times and micro managing ur rage can be extremely difficult for the inexpirenced.


    Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft

    -The big "WTF" thing about this build may be where is imp cleave? where is cruelty?.
    -The reasons: Didnt grab cleave, since you doing 20% more crit dmg on the 3 targets with deep wounds on your crit hits and damage shield crits will be better aoe threat.
    -No cruelty, the difference between 0 and 2 % crit isnt that much, plus the over all goal of this build is 5 man / aoe tanking, ull be criting enough on your thunderclap / shockwaves.
    -Got iron will which is controvertial but a lot of 5 man mobs stun and it can be VERY annoying
    - shield spec 2/5 is debateable, im personally still trying to ge all 5 pts cause those rage pts gainned are nice in heroics, though the 3% less chance to block makes you get hit more and when your over geared, u want to be hit
    - imp spell reflect - this is an awesome talent in 5 mans for many reason which im sure you can dream of / come up with on your own


    Glyph of Cleaving: Cleave will hit 3 targets, this is a big threat and you can spam it instead of heroic strike

    Glyph of Shockwave: 3 sec difference can make or break your chain pulling. Once you become skilled enough to micro your rage enough and kill groups fast enough to chain ur CDs and pulls together in sync, ull find that u can speed up a heroic by 25-40% (ull also get all the good ppl asking you to tank for them)

    if there was one i would use glyph of thunderclap for a second off but there isnt /qq so...

    Glyph of vigilence/devistate/sunder armor/spell reflect:
    This really depends on you and who you run with. I run heroics 90% of the time with my guild's dps, usually a mage (lots of aoe threat) or fury warrior who is well know for pulling aggro, so vigilence will prob be my choice.

    Devistate is nice for the dual target hits for more aoe threat
    Sunder armor is nice since for me personally, i RARELY use devistate on trash, shit is dead to fast for get the sunders up and devistate is shit for tps (concussive blow or rend - over the entire 15 sec - does more).
    Spell reflect is also nice if your doing instances like UP where every pull almost has a caster in it, exspecially if ur speced for spell reflect, every 9 sec send a spell back @ them no matter the target

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