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Thread: What kind of trinket?

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    What kind of trinket?

    Hi i gonna respecc Prot again but i am confused. I got this trinket Lavanthor's Talisman - Item - World of Warcraft but i do only use it while im against bosses.
    I think i maybe should shift it out with Valor Medal of the First War - Item - World of Warcraft would thats be a good or ?


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    with the terrible scaling issues dealing with block mitigation on bosses, you dont want to use the block trinket on bosses. that trinket would be better used on trash since blocking can mitigate trash damage completely.

    the medal on the other hand would be very useful on bosses given that you have reached the defense cap with it on. for example, being a hateful strike tank on patch with the use of that trinket will help increase survivability by a lot.

    other good trinkets to go for ... Gossamer out of heroic azjoj and Seal in reg/heroic HoL. Also Repelling Charge from Thaddius in Nax10.

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