You guys have helped me out tremendously before, for which I'm very grateful.

I am still working on my gear balance. Currently with my guild I'm running OS 10, Naxx 10 (arachnid quarter so far) and hopefully VoA 10 soon as well - along with running heroics every chance we get.

With that in mind, I'm back for hopefully some additional advice on specific areas of my gear:

1) I feel like my weapon (hammer of quiet morning) is really holding me back at the point, limiting both my damage and threat output to some degree. I've held onto the hammer so far for the Dwarven racial bonus to expertise.

I know about the red sword of courage in h UP, but the gauntlet is still difficult for us - so I don't get a shot at the sword very often.

Are there other weapons within my reach that could get to use until (if?) I get the RSoC?

2) In the gear displayed on my armory page, I have priortized EH over stats like expertise, hit, etc. a good bit. Even with the hammer, my expertise is at an abysmal 14 right now.

Other pieces I have are the wyrmrest rep. chest, two blue helms (arcane shielded and ley guardian), crafted blue gloves, nubrahide cloak, and several lower trinkets (stamina-deck, couple of blues with attack power and crit.)

Given that I'm currently running with a 15/5/51 build (impale/deepwounds), I'm wondering if I should swap my gear around to increase expertise and hit more, at the cost of the effective health?

I haven't done the math, but it seems like the deepwounds style build would benefit more from increased expertise/hit/crit/block than what I'm currently running with...

If I swap in the blue gloves, blue helm, wyrmrest chest, etc. I think I can boost expertise to about 25, and hit to about 236 (from current 14/200 per current armory).

Whereas if I swap in the nubrahide cloak and a stamina trinket, I wind up with lower hit (about 175), about the same expertise (14), and slightly less dodge/block%, but I'll get more stam/health and slightly more armor out of that deal.

So - which way should I optomize? Or to put it another way, at what point should I give up some EH for more expertise, slightly more hit, slightly more dodge and block% ?

A couple of wrinkles I hope to add to this soon would be an upgraded weapon, pants from h. vh, an upgraded ring of some kind (?).

Also - to take another tact, I could consider replacing a couple of +24 stam gems with say +expertise and +stam...would that end up costing me less EH overall to get a boost in expertise?

Sorry for the multi-pronged question - thought I would try to be as specific as I could and explain some of my thinking/wondering...hope that's ok.

Thanks in Advance for any suggestions!