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Thread: Spell Reflect

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    Spell Reflect

    I feel something could be done reguarding this spell notably in line with the prtection talent.

    Something in the line of in addition of reflecting spell for say x charge
    - Absorb y amount of magic damage or,
    - Reduce magical damage by z%
    For the time duration of the buff (like 5-10 sec)

    I have no objection to see the CD going to a few minutes

    Anything ranging from total imunity (z=100) on a say 5 minute timer to a partial resist (z=30) on a 1 minute timer.

    At least something that make it usefull in pve. Even in BC it's usefulness was limited (KT fireball, some TK trash, illidari council...)

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    I am not sure what the point of this thread is.

    However, Spell reflect is decent as it is, it does work in a lot of situations however currently it is just not needed as a mitigation tool.

    Is your intent you want to see it changed? And it sounds like you want it changed to a panic/cooldown, but is there really a need?

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    Also it would mess with the spell reflect in pvp, since is of great help when fighting casters.

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    i admit that i have only a PVE perspective on this things, i don't do much pvp. I wage that all the actual pve content can be done without pushing that button even once.

    And since blizzard want to homogenize the tanking, and other class does not have anything that comme close to it (except may be DK), this will not change et the use of that spell reflect will be, at best, anecdotic.

    So yes, in the mostly pve talent tree, i would suggest a modifier to make the spell more useful in PVE.

    On a RP perspective, i really like the spell, and i can see how a warrior would take cover to deflect a dragon breath or a direct spell, it's feel too bad that that spell is currently abandonned in PVE

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