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Thread: Critique My Gear!

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    Critique My Gear!

    Hi everyone, I've been browsing for a while, but this is my first time posting. My guild has cleared all content except Sarth 3D, and I'm our guilds designated OT. I'm just looking for some pointers to improve my gear in anyway.

    Armory Link: The World of Warcraft Armory

    Much appreciated ^^

    P.S. Ignore the weapon lol. Red Sword of Courage HATES me and refuses to drop, and so do the 25 man weapons lol.
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    Don't gem for Parry. It does not benefit Warriors as much as Dodge or Block will, thus making Parry a very expensive stat for us to gem or enchant for. I would use the 8 Expertise + 12 Stam gems instead. Help boost your Expertise a little and get you closer to the soft cap of 6.5%. Other than that, just keep your fingers crossed and hope for those drops.

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