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Thread: Utter lack of BV on shoulder/rings

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    1. No SBV on rings/shoulders should not surprise anyone. It's not the progression/important stats, and very few people (with the exception of the OP) will give a shit because they're missing a "full" SBV set so they can two-man Loatheb.

    2. The way Blizzard has relegated SBV to meaninglessness is really annoying. I like the idea of SBV being an important stat--I like the idea of having to factor in constant damage reduction (rather than just percentage) when itemizing, and for us to want to factor it in, it has to be useful. It currently is not, and that's stupid. Either make the stats useful for something other than trash clears, or take it out of the game. Blizzard, figure it the fuck out.

    3. Quite a few BIS pieces are from 10-mans. Here's some off the top of my head:

    Gale-Proof Cloak
    Barricade of Eternity
    Thane's Tainted Greathelm (With my current gear's DR, it has .27% more avoidance than Vital Protection)
    Keystone Great-Ring (5-man, actually)
    Repelling Charge
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    I don't really agree with the statement that there was no block value on gear in early BC.
    Items - World of Warcraft

    Subtract the greens and shields. There were several easy to get items if you ran normal instances, heroics and Karazhan. There really wasn't any level of achievement you had to reach or something silly like that to get some SBV. Frankly Blizzard changed their mind every tier on how they thought Warriors should gear, the proof is in the itemization and set bonuses.

    As for SBV vs. Strength. Strength is overall better, but it needs to be in higher amounts to make up for a lack of SBV on items. This may change with gear in the future, currently blocking tanks do not have enough SBV in my opinion and Strength alone is not covering it.
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    "I'll let the dragon hit me in the face, you stab it in the ass."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khordam View Post
    Maybe we/you fail to see the situational advantage of block rating and block value. Maybe we/you need to re-evaluate the notion of "best" pieces and note that not all that is WotLK, or raiding, is bosses that hit for a crapton of damage.
    If block only has situational advantage then it's not really so good as a core mitigation talent. That's really what I was getting at.

    I wear a max SBV / SBR set to roll though heroics. Sure it's fun, breaking 7k SS's lets me laugh at dps who can't keep up with me. Shield Block makes me impervious to trash and makes everything go quicker. But is it too much to ask that I could play my warrior the same way in heroics and raids?

    Maybe it is, although honestly I do play him the same; the incoming and outgoing numbers change is all. And tanking has *always* been about tuning gear to encounters (but the majority of challenging ones are not beat with block sets).

    But again... I view blocking as a core mitigation talent, it feels wrong to throw it away on so many 'serious' encounters. For a while I even had to switch out of my block set for heroic bosses.

    PS. I do get the 'situational advantage'
    Quote Originally Posted by Muffin Man
    I remember the first few weeks of LK where if you built up a high enough block set you could steamroll heroics and stuff even if you were otherwise undergeared. But now... we're back to scorning block gear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Satrina View Post
    Block value is a retarded itemisation. I'd happily trade BV for strength on every item. Besides which, block value jewellry makes half the tanking classes sad panda, and block value plate makes one quarter so.
    I really like this idea. But if sbv would be totally removed, the nuqmber of sbv from strength should be increased, with 2 strength giving 1 sbv block will become less and less important as the content goes, and that will affect balance between block tanks and nonblock tanks. Shield Block rating should also disappear from items, maybe it could be linked to def as it is now, but at some greater rate. With so many different stats for tanks it is hard to balance all ways of avoidance and mitigation in one gear set, leading to situations when warrior's boss set is completely lacking any sbv and sbr - we are balanced around having block, we have abilities based on this specific form of mitigation, yet our serious ets provide like 20% of shield block and 1200 shield block value, hardly impressive and hardly affecting our survival. I do not think druids or death knights are forced to do such choices :/ Maybe block could become more useful if it could be increased by average tanking drops, not only by some very specific pieces.

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    I suppose my view on this is a fair bit biased, as my raiding experience is limited to 10-man content almost exclusively. Within this content, however, I do not feel that block is a bad choice or gimped in any way.

    My block set bumps my BV up to around 1400 (from ~900 in standard gear) with roughly 80% of the combat table covered. In order to achieve this, I give up ~5% avoidance and some hit/exp. What I gain is a significant amount of damage reduction on almost all bosses in Naxx-10. Together with critical blocks and Shield Block, I frequently block half the attacks and more. I have even experienced full blocks on Patchwerk's melee, and that's really nothing to scoff at.

    Looking forward and towards heroic raids, I can definitely see why you wouldn't want to stack block.. if it's nearer to 5% mitigation, it isn't worth it, obviously. In 10-mans however, you really very rarely get hit for over 10k at the moment.

    BTT though, with the current strength->BV conversion rate, almost any item can easily be regarded a BV item. I partly agree with Satrina here, BV itemisation instead of Str is not very smart. What's better, a niche stat for 2 classes at best, or a general stat (that's improved by more talents as well as Kings!) that benefits all classes AND provides that niche stat built-in?

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