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Thread: Making Retallation an "O Shit Button?"

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    Making Retallation an "O Shit Button?"

    I think instead of putting Shield Wall on a one minute CD, they should make Retallation into a bit more of a tanking tool, yes I know many use it for AoE trash. (I personally dont bother...)

    But if it could also double up as a damage reducer, or a massive Absorption tool.

    Lowering the CD slightly on both Shield Wall and Retallation along with the Last Stand CD they're about to lower could help solve our problem.

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    Retaliation is shit because it doesn't proc on avoided or (partially) blocked hits. Utter shit for tanks.

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    I use it in the Sartharion Fight when I''m add tanking ....works nice

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brucimus View Post
    I use it in the Sartharion Fight when I''m add tanking ....works nice
    I use a BR/BV set for adds so I have a whopping 5-10% chance (depending on buffs and my lousy memory :P) to get hit and trigger Retaliation.

    Retaliation is a shit skill that needs to be fixed to trigger through block at the very least. It scales inverserly with our gear which is dumb.

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