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Thread: Pointers, where to improve?

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    Pointers, where to improve?

    'Ello fellow tanks!

    I've picked up a lot of tank gear lately (I'm Dps mainspec) and I must say that I really enjoy tanking. The whole controlling mobs thing really is great. That's not the case now tho.

    My armory: Click

    Basically I'm still unsure about what to improve on. Ofcourse there are some gear parts which could use improvement. But I mean gemming/enchant wise mostly. I feel like many things are wrong, but I find it hard to point them out myself. So hopefully you people can assist me .

    I've always been UH specced btw, because I thought that was the best. Never tried frost, maybe I should do that?

    Please help me out here .


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    Honestly just judging your gems/chants you have the right idea. Only thing i would really change would be in your pants, you have a parry/stam gem, if you can put a dodge/stam gem in would be better. We get a bigger boost to our avoidance from dodge over parry and since both the gems give 8 of that stat the dodge is what is better per point for us.

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