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Thread: Tanking Weapon: Jawbone vs Destroyer

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    Tanking Weapon: Jawbone vs Destroyer

    I have been still using the Destroyer for my tanking weapon but am starting to reconsider. Plusses for the Jawbone would be a couple more stam, some nice expertice, and its a higher dps weapon.

    Not real sure why I haven't switched to it yet but wanted to get some thoughts: Is it as clear cut as I'm now thinking it should be?

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    The way I see it, if you spend any significant amount of time in a DPS role, the Jawbone should be your DPS weapon. Enchant your Destroyer for tanking and use your Jawbone for tanking on fights where threat is more important than survivability.

    If all you ever do it tank it matter a little less. Enchant one with Stone Gargoyle and the other with Spellshattering for spell damage fights.
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    Aside from losing 54 hit you can expertise and threat. Depending on your hit I would go Jawbone.

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