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Thread: The nitty gritty things (Avoidance, Block, hit )

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    The nitty gritty things (Avoidance, Block, hit )

    It seems the more I progress as a 25 man raider, the harder and more complicated the gear choices become. So before I switched over to my current guild I was quite comfortable in 10 mans; I had three pieces of my tier, I was block capped, nearly hit capped, I could stop roughly 1500 with dragonfin food buff and raid buffs (Before Libram of Obstruction)
    , and I had a reasonable amount of hit points (32k fully buffed) Then I started to get 25 man gear. Not a bad thing, I got alot more avoidance and plenty of extra hitpoints however:
    1.My hit is at 6%
    2.I have roughly 20% block, 17.5% parry and 22.5% block.

    I am just getting confused here, what numbers should I be aiming for in terms of avoidance, block and hit. Do I have enough dodge? Does it matter that my hit is at 6%? (I run with a few aggro magnets, so I am thinking being close to the hit cap (around 7%) with a dranei in my group would suffice.) What about my block? About how much should my block be stopping for me to be a little more comfortable?

    I need some insight from 25 man tankadins, please feel free to let me know, what you know :P

    Thanks in Advance,

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    I'm not a tankadin, but I can tell you the answer: multiple sets. The main sets are: threat, avoidance/block and stam.

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