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Thread: Not played since TBC

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    Not played since TBC

    Hello all.

    I've not played since TBC and only started back last week as a few of my old guildies decided to play again. I was the MT in a small guild and basically got as far as Kara and early 25 man stuff like Grull's etc. I've had a look at some of the posts and just had a few quetions I wanted to check with you guys as some things seem a lot different from before WOTLK.

    Point 1 - Threat chart
    Before WOTLK I read a chart from Tankspot that stated the threat generated from each move. Shield Slam used to top followed closley by Revenge and Devestate (I think). Is there any such chart for WOTLK. This way I could try prioritise my moves for threat generated.

    Point 2 - Build
    I've been told that some warrior tanks are dabbling in the Arms tree to spend 15 points to get Deep Wounds. Is this the way to go? I understand that this would only be beneficial if using a more slower main hand weapon as Deep Wounds works on % damage of min hand weapon. As a tank I thought that a fast main hand was always the way to go. Any advice is appreciated.

    Point 3 - Devestate or Heroic strike
    I suppose this links directly with the above point on build. I used to spam Devestate when Shield Slam or Revenge were not available. S herioc strike the way to go with Armoured teeth and deep wounds in your build?

    Point 4 - Defense cap
    The defense cap used to be 490 (I think). This has obviously changed. Can someone please advise? I heard that you can no longer be crshed by a Boss. Is this the case? That would take care of the Shield block query as this is now a 40 sec cooldown.

    I understand that these have all been discussed months agao when WOTLK was released. I apologise if I am posting something that has already been posted 100 times before. I had a quick look through the forums and couldn't find the relevant posts. Even if someone could link a post that generalises all of this info that would be great. Thanks fo your help.

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    Welcome back! Oh my how things have changed

    These are probably a good place to start:


    Plus a ton more links here: http://www.tankspot.com/forums/f200/...s-listing.html

    Best of luck!

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    To take your points in order:
    1. Look at this fine flowchart. Should cover what ya need.

    2. All tanks have a responsibility to do more damage now, as well as maintain threat. DW is a nice way of doing that. Fast vs. Slow weapons can be debated now, but most people still prefer the fast. (HS scales better with fast, DW better with slow)

    3. Remember that devastate is an instant cast attack, on the GCD, while HS is an "on next swing" attack, not on the GCD. Therefore you can hit the devastate button and the HS button on every GCD, and (as long as you have rage) you will do both. Right now on (most) bosses warriors are seeing unlimited rage situations, meaning that we can press heroic strike on every swing, as well as following the flowchart listed above.

    4. Defense cap is now 540. Some guy named Ciderhelm made an easy 540 defense post last year.

    Welcome back!

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    Thanks very much guys. This is excellent stuff!

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    Assuming you have the rage, Conc Blow should be one of your highest priority single target attacks, since it doesn't trigger the GCD. You can fire it off at the same time as a SS, for example.

    Slow vs Fast weapons is pretty settled, and I've made an attempt to sum it up here. Basically, you want to use a fast weapon for single target, and a slow weapon for multitarget. Often, a fast weapon will be more single target TPS than a slow weapon a whole tier higher. The post also offers advice on how to maximize threat/dps with rend. The difference in using Rend is pretty minimal, but if you're doing hardcore min-maxing, it might be worth a look.

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