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Thread: Ulduar prep.

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    Ulduar prep.

    A couple comments first -

    1. I have abysmal drop luck. The fugly blue boots of fail should be going away as soon as Thaddius drops his boots, and that'll edge me comfortably close to the 26 expertise mark. (Otherwise, if I don't get 'em before Ulduar hits I'll bite the bullet and grab the badgeboots.)

    2. I'm experimenting with Broken Promise - the DPS and raw stat increase over Slayer of the Lifeless makes it theoretically superior, but I'm not sure how the weapon speed and my Heroic Strike spam work together yet.

    So, the questions for you all:

    -Should I shift my itemization focus away from balancing threat/avoidance with EH and go for pure EH? I'm comfortable with my health in 25-mans right now (getting close to 38k fully buffed), but considering the damage output reports from heroic Hodir, I'm a little nervous. (I have something of a niche as our guild's high-threat tank, and since the healers tell me I'm easy to keep up, I figure s'all good.)

    -Broken Promise, go back to Slayer of the Lifeless, or hope for another shot at Last Laugh? (Now that our prot paladin, an OT fury warrior, and an unholy DW DPS deathknight have all gotten one, I shouldn't have any more competition...-.- )

    Here is a WWS from last week's Naxx cleanup - armory gear save for SotL instead of Broken Promise.

    Here is my armory.

    Thank you~

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    IMO when learning new content a shift to EH is a good idea because it allows you to deal with uncoordinated healers/dps in a better fashion. Then once you have an understanding of dynamics, you can re-evaluate.

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