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A couple questions surrounding the mechanics of Maly and the DPS getting the 50% dmg increase and the tank being able to keep up threat during that.

I was tanking him on 25man for my guild recently, tanked him on 10man many times, but always dps'd 25 because of needs. I had a VERY VERY hard time keeping up threat, I've never encountered this problem before on anything. Since I was having a problem they asked if I was ok with them picking up the warrior who normally tanks it and I dps'd which I said was fine. He kept threat easily, and is geared pretty comparable to myself.

I am wearing mostly 7.5 gear, I didnt have much in the way of hit or exp before that fight, I have recently changed my gear set around alot. I gemmed for the +hit and stam and the +exp and stam gems all around, and am using a few slightly different items.

I am sitting at 37 expertise atm(9.25% or 223rating) and 164 hit(5%) The problem I seem to have is almost all plate has hit on it, while leather has none. How are other druids handling this or is this just one of those things that war's can drop threat faster because of them being able to equip faster weapons? Im very new, was 68 @ wotlk launch, so could someone clear this up for me?

Oh, and If I left stats out you need to know to answer this let me know, I'll post it.