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Thread: Best in Slot! Warrior Tanking Gear "At a Glance"

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    What would the best "modern" 102.4% passive unhittable set?

    The reason I'm asking is that I was taking a break from the game when ToC came out. I'm back now, and a few friends have been working on doing some back achievements. We've done Dedicated Insanity in 10 man, but I'd really like a modern 102.4% unhittable set for 25 man Anub.

    Could you guys offer any suggestions? I would appreciate it.

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    Just want to say thanks for the thread, really cool that you've kept it up to date.

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    I've archived a large portion of my guide (the BiS lists from old content) and put that information on my blog instead of leaving it here. Links to the archived posts are in the table of contents at the top of this guide.

    The reason I'm doing this is to make room for Cata guides! Gear selection's gonna be a whole new ballgame, and we've got re-forging to take into account now as well
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    good luck with that Hal =P

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