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Thread: 3.1 Changes to DKs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rockslyde View Post
    I think the only real complaint i have is with Shadow of Death being removed from the game. I know it's been an extremely buggy talent since release of LK, but it was also 2% str, and sta that i didn't have to gem for.
    Yeah, this stinks for you guys since most classes have something similar. They'll probably add it back in somewhere.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rockslyde View Post
    Plus when it did proc properly it was great killing some punk who was like i just roflstomp'd you, and now your dead, but wait oh shit, your not dead and gonna kill me. kek.... Shadow of Death you will be missed if by no one else, by me at least.
    And this is why everyone ELSE is thankful for the change. Such a bull---- talent in PvP. Especially when there's a flag cap timer involved. As if the class wasn't un-justifiably strong to begin with... if/when you do finally kill one, you have to then deal with this.

    Good riddance from the rest of us. :P

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    I know what you mean on both counts Rock, though I have to say, the ghoul afterlife was just too silly awesome. I killed as many clothies that way as I did while I was alive. I don't feel bad about it being removed. =)

    Overall though I'm seeing the tanking buffs as pretty minor in the wash so far. It is a reduction in survival, but it's not as bad as it looked at first. The pvp buffs are distinct, but let's face it, we are gods in pvp right now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Horacio View Post
    Who f-ing divided by zero?!?

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