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Thread: Which 2H?

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    Which 2H?

    Dwarf Blood Tank
    Which would you suggest between Argent Skeleton Crusher and Whale-Stick Harpoon?

    Considering I'm a Dwarf would the +5 Expertise make up for the +40 hit?

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    i'd personally use the 40hit wep fo sho :>
    Hybrid - Druid/Paladin

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    The mace is the much better weapon. Strength and Stamina are much better than Agility and Stamina. You will get 168 AP from the mace over the 100 on the polearm. The damage range is higher, all DK strikes work off the damage range of a weapon. 5 expertise is nothing to scoff at either. Overall, the mace is a much better tanking weapon or dps weapon. The armor pen is meh, but more useful for blood spec over frost and unholy. While 40 hit is nice, you will be doing your DPS(and threat) a disservice using the polearm.

    Use the Argent Skeleton Crusher until you can pick up a Titansteel Destroyer or a Naxx weapon.

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    Nobaddays is right you might also want to look into the runeblade from Ebon hold rep as it is slightly superior to the mace I believe. (Don't quote me though I didnt compare them this is from memory)

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