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I guess if I could sum up what I am trying to say it is that being that we don't have the utility of some of the other tanking classes then we ought to be at least as good as them.

Personally, I think a "master of one" should be better and that there should be trade offs for having the flexibility of utility. However, I realize many may not agree with that point of view so I'll just stick with the point that we shouldn't be inferior in any way when it comes to tanking.
This is an incredibly stupid viewpoint, it makes me really angry.

Maybe you missed something but Warriors are topping damage meters in most guilds that have a good geared fury warrior.

You're not a pure tanking class, no one is. You need to understand this and stop expecting the earth. Someone has to be at the bottom of the pile and at the moment you think that's a warrior. You've not posted any evidence as to why you should be superior and you've not offered any constructive help.

Also, don't have any utility? What are you on about? You've got a cooldown-less taunt, Sunder Armour, good DPS, interupts, charge, two useful shouts, various cooldowns, spell reflect, Shield Block, Warbringer, intervene and so on.