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Thread: Suggestions, comments, advice. All are welcome. :)

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    Suggestions, comments, advice. All are welcome. :)

    Hello this is Bufuu of Dull Roar on Spirestone US, I'm generaly an Off-tank for my guild in one of our two 10man groups each week and I also OT some of the fights in 25 man Naxx, and OS. We have yet to attempt Maly or 1 Drake up on OS due to every previous attempt being, well lets face it, epic fail.

    I'm looking for any advice I can get on what to do with my gear and or gems, I just recently obtained my T7 chest and the Fireproven Gauntlets from Kirin Tor exhaulted reputation.

    Here is my armory link : The World of Warcraft Armory
    I can't do the math to tell you my hitpoints and armor in Frost Presence due to the 2% modifyers from both my meta and my Runeforging but without them I'd sit at 28,249 hp, and 28,472 armor if I did my math correctly.

    As per a macro to calculate total avoidance that I found here at tankspot I should have roughly 50% avoidance before Blade Barrier, 60% with it, and if what I've heard of a base 5% miss on all mobs, 65% with Blade Barrier up.

    I know I should have replaced my Dabri's Enigma long ago however after 9 runs of Normal HoL I've just yet to have the Seal drop, also I've yet to see the Rappeling Charge from Naxx 10.

    As the title says, advice, comments, sugestions? Please and thank you all for such a wonderful site.

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    Yeah, looks like you'll have some farming to do, definitely replace all the low quality gems with rare gems. Enchants you seem to be missing all around:

    Back - 16 defense
    Bracers - 40 stamina
    Chest - 22 defense, 24 stam gem, 12 stam + 8 dodge gem
    Boots - 22 stamina
    Gloves - 15 expertise
    Legs - 55 stam +22 agility

    Trinket - I'd use the heroic dodge trinket when you can get it over the 30 defense.
    Sigil - Sigil of Arthritic Binding - Item - World of Warcraft since you are unholy

    Also, think about taking up cooking for the expertise food, 40 stam 40 exp I go through 3-4 a run on 25 naxx.

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    I just went and grabbed all the mats I was missing for the enchants you listed, I was working on getting my stuff enchanted but I was never sure what would be best to throw on my gloves, I also recently spec'd to my current spec, hence the use of the sigil I have, which has done me no wrong.

    I'll get to work on getting the sigil you linked me as soon as I find out how to obtain Venture Coins.... >_<;

    Thank you again, and if anyone has any more to add feel free, I can always use improvement.

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