Hi everyone,

I've been a long time listener first time poster though so go easy on me

I'm just in need of some guidance about the spec i'm at currently, just currently unsure if this spec i have is the way to go The World of Warcraft Armory I was frost but i found i wasn't using half the oh crap buttons after a while so i thought well try something else. Not sure if i should comment on corpse explode :P simple pleasure in blowing up corpses i guess...But on some occasions i have found it slightly easier snapping initial agro quicker if say my dnd is on CD by gibbing a corpse to get their attention. That and there's satisifaction to be had from gibs... i should head back to quake if thats the case.
But i digress..

Blood seemed ok, VB seems to be my favourite sort of oh crap button atm not to mention the stamina boosts from blood, but when i tried found unholy i would get spanked and die from a range of blows in a short space of time, so the thinking of VB was using that with a rune tap to give my healers a bit of a breather. Things have been good with heartstrike.
But with blood i was under the impression threat was a bit weak. So i am open to suggestions on a spec or stats to look into. With the new patch looming i'm unsure which way to go. So i'm a little bit on the fence what to try.

go easy on me