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Thread: Tanking Malygos

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    Tanking Malygos

    Hi, last night our guild tried for the first time Maly 10 man after naxx, we didn’t have much time so just wanted to see how far we could get before people had to log. We only had 3 attempts, Died right off the bat first, got to the middle of phase one once, and got into phase two as I died right before the phase started. I have watched the tankspot videos so i know how to tank him and everything, i was just wondering if i have the gear to tank him? and if i don’t what i need to improve?, and for my t7 pants i switched out .. ugh i forget the name but they drop in 10naxx and have a shit load of block, gemming them with a 24stam and 8 dodge 6 stam with a 6 stam bonus, shouldn’t i use the pants with more shield block because he hits like a truck? i have read also he can be a pain for non druid tanks because he can lay in pretty hard pretty fast if the healers aren’t on their toes.

    TYVM for your imput

    EDIt, oh almost forgot sorry The World of Warcraft Armory

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    Looking at your armoury I think your gear is fine. Plenty of health, decent avoidance. With that out of the way, on to Malygos.

    Malygos perfectly tankable for Prot Warriors. There's a couple of things to remember though.
    - Your raidmembers need to be at 18k hp raidbuffed minimum (vortex).
    - Malygos' biggest attack is a magic attack
    - Spark management is key

    Maly 10 doesn't burst to such an extent that he's a huge bother for Warriors and Paladins to tank. Looking at your stamina you should be at least 34k raidbuffed (estimate), which is more than enough to survive his breath attack comfortably. Because his biggest attack is a magic attack, block value isn't going to help you that much. A Warrior's biggest asset for Malygos is Imp Defensive Stance. Your stats are fine to deal with his regular attacks. If you healers are on the ball, that part of your raid is fine.

    The vortex will spin your raid around. Instant spells are still usable. Theoretically that means that if you have a Druid, you can get away with less than 18k HP. That's a big gamble. 18k HP is really a prerequisite for Maly 10, otherwise the Vortex will kill the raid.

    Phase 1 is the key to the whole fight. You should be aiming to end phase one as soon as possible. If you go through more than 2 Vortex attacks, you're probably not going to make the enrage timer. As a tip for phase 2, people on discs don't require healing. If you have a rogue, get it on a disc first, because they are more squishy than all the other melee DPS.

    Really though, if everyone is alive at the end of phase 1, and people know how to do phase 3 (and understand the need to shield) you should be fine.


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