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Thread: Druid Pre-HC tanking gear

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    Druid Pre-HC tanking gear

    I have been looking all over for a decent gear guide to follow before entering HC's, as I still think my gear is to crappy for HC's (22k hp, 27k armor 26% dodge)

    hope theres some that can link me to a good guide, preferably with drops and quest rewards, but crafted blues are also fine (epic crafts might be counted out as they are extremely expensive on my realm)

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    this post probably should have been in the armory section but since armory is not working for me here ya go

    chardev.org - a World of Warcraft Character Planner - x is the gear you are aiming for once you do start heroics, the pvp gear is also a huge help if you want, i refuse to pvp so i dont list it here http://www.tankspot.com/forums/f97/4...tml#post173342

    as for pre heroics, get the trollwoven belt and shoulders crafted, get the cape in that template crafted, there are great gloves from a quest in non heroic CoT strat, that ring is crafted there is a crafted neck there is a chest from non heroic UP via a quest reward.

    honestly if you have 22K hp in caster you have more than enough HP, if thats in bear just gem and enchant everything for stam till you start getting some of the items on that list

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    The quest reward gloves for clearing Reg CoS are solid, I still have them in my tanking set (lots of stam)

    Theres a nice BoP ring, I cant remember the name but its got 350 armor, about 40 stam, a blue gem slot and a 4 stam socket bonus thats also solid.

    I dont know how much you like to play cat, but if you enjoy it you can go that route to start accruing badges, and there are some nice low cost options from badges.

    Trollwoven spaulders rock, but in all honesty I would hold out and hope and pray that H UK drops the belt from the end. Ive run it everyday like a champ and still nada, but its gonna happen soon.

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