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Thread: Max Druid Tank health

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    Max Druid Tank health

    im trying to figure out how to get my druid max'd health. I tank Sapph in OS and raid buffd im at around 45-47k HP and i wanna raise that as high as possible im aiming for about 53-55k hp, is this possible and any druid tanks have that much HP?

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    With 3frost resistance parts, gemmed 24stam, pot+foodbuff, im at 51k hp - and then there is some gear that could be switched, like 7.5 legs / 7 chest and frostguard ring, but these all are minors..

    With JC's trinkets, im sure that ppl are reacing those ammounts
    Hybrid - Druid/Paladin

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    a screenshot of mine shows 52.6k as a JC using all stam in 3 polar set and frostguard ring. though i'm using chromatic wonder flask instead of stoneblood.

    i'm not too sure about another trinket besides from hadronox that gives stamina and isn't profession crafted, but i'd say you should be fine the 4 polar items.

    once you are rolling on offspec tier gear, might want to pick up some for pure stamina gems.

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    59526 Health is the maximum atm that I have been able to work out:

    Head Hood of the Exodus
    Neck Nexus War Champion Beads
    Shoulders Deadly Gladiator's Dragonhide Spaulders
    Chest Polar Vest
    Waist Polar Cord
    Legs Leggings of the Honored
    Feet Polar Boots
    Wrist Sinner's Bindings
    Hands Deadly Gladiator's Dragonhide Gloves
    Finger1 Titanium Frostguard Ring
    Finger2 Gatekeeper
    Trinket1 Essence of Gossamer
    Trinket2 Figurine - Monarch Crab
    Back Cloak of the Shadowed Sun
    MainHand Origin of Nightmares
    Ranged Idol of Terror
    ExtraWristSocket Solid Sky Sapphire
    ExtraHandsSocket Solid Sky Sapphire
    ExtraWaistSocket Solid Sky Sapphire
    Race: Tauren
    Nature Resist: 85
    Arcane Resist: 75
    Frost Resist: 430
    Fire Resist: 75
    Shadow Resist: 75
    Health: 59526
    Agility: 1042.638
    Armor: 37123.27
    Stamina: 4834.236
    Dodge Rating: 79
    Defense Rating: 83
    Resilience: 123
    Dodge: 38.41282%
    Miss: 8.054748%
    Mitigation: 73.58614%
    Avoidance PreDR: 50.92003%
    Avoidance PostDR: 46.46757%
    Total Mitigation: 85.86002%
    Damage Taken: 14.13998%
    Chance to be Crit: -4.16%
    Overall Points: 354759.8
    Mitigation Points: 141442.9
    Survival Points: 161415.3
    Threat Points: 51901.52
    Nature Survival: 70329.65
    Frost Survival: 238104
    Fire Survival: 68859.34
    Shadow Survival: 68859.34
    Arcane Survival: 68859.34
    Strength: 613.316
    Attack Power: 6396
    Crit Rating: 118
    Hit Rating: 94
    Expertise Rating: 35
    Haste Rating: 139
    Armor Penetration Rating: 0
    Missed Attacks: 18.24847%
    Highest DPS Rotation: 2315 DPS, 5149 TPS
    Highest TPS Rotation: 2288 DPS, 5190 TPS
    Swipe Rotation: 367 DPS, 1140 TPS
    Custom Rotation: 0 DPS, 0 TPS
    Melee: 954 Dmg, 1977 Threat
    Maul: 2594 Dmg, 6252 Threat
    Mangle: 1585 Dmg, 3283 Threat
    Swipe: 496 Dmg, 1540 Threat
    Faerie Fire: 330 Dmg, 1994 Threat
    Lacerate: 113 Dmg, 1185 Threat
    Lacerate DOT Tick: 942 Dmg, 976 Threat

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    that's an nice ammount of health^^ its like the ammount we will have on T10 level ^^
    Hybrid - Druid/Paladin

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