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Thread: UI Design Discussion

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    @ Eide, get SexyMap, it hides those icons with a sexy blue rune design.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shiz98 View Post
    See in a UI like that, I don't see why you don't have a viewport mod that puts a bit of black on the bottom of your screen. To me, that area looks completely useless right now - while there are gaps through which you can see the game a bit, they're not really useful. Compare this to putting a black bar down there and getting more viewable area. Thoughts?
    I might try that but then again I might not like it.

    Having made the mod list finally, I might go back and look at redesigning my UI now that I know everything that's available to me.

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    One of the things I've started doing to sate my desire to have health bars close to me is use a HUD like Underhood. Then I usually push it all to either the left or right side of my toon so there's not so much space between them. That's all for my tank.

    As a healer I use a very different UI, because my healer has different needs.

    In regards to a viewport addon, it seems like an awful waste of screen real estate. I used to be someone who loved filling every bit of my screen with addons, but most were just junk. Viewport simply lets you justify filling your screen with junk, because if you don't then you just have a retarded black band running through your screen somewhere. The very corners of the screen are places your eyes almost never wander. Push things you don't have to see to do your job over there. Other than CDs, health, and debuffs I can't see what else you'd have to keep an eye on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shiz98 View Post
    See in a UI like that, I don't see why you don't have a viewport mod that puts a bit of black on the bottom of your screen. To me, that area looks completely useless right now - while there are gaps through which you can see the game a bit, they're not really useful. Compare this to putting a black bar down there and getting more viewable area. Thoughts?
    Because a giant black bar is ugly?
    Plus it looks out of place. You get the same viewable area, just with less obstruction.
    A lot of people use viewport mods, saying that they are getting more visual space on their screen, then they go ahead and fill it up with combat text/timers/meters/unit frames! It's a pointless exercise most of the time, which doesn't actually do anything beneficial in most cases.

    Testing on my system I got better FPS standing in Org without using a viewport mod than I did using one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beatzz View Post
    @ Eide, get SexyMap, it hides those icons with a sexy blue rune design.
    I have tried SexyMiniMap before, and although it does (attempt) to hide the minimap buttons, in most respects it's outperformed by SimpleMiniMap, and it's a lot more buggie than SimpleMiniMap. That combined with Sexyminimap's last update having been at 14 Dec 2008 (as far as I'm aware) makes me want to avoid this addon badly.

    What I'm still on the lookout for is some plugin for SimpleMiniMap which let's me hide all those ugly buttons.

    If there's on thing I hate fiercely, it's addons that bug out on me. It's the reason why I stopped using Pitbull for instance (long time ago) and a few other addons which were great in every aspect except that.

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    Just wanted to add my 2 cents worth here about what I use and why, as I have become quite the mod whore in the last 6 months or so. Also, I tend to be really long-winded, but there's a couple sections below that marked especially for feedback, if you could be so kind

    I am one who argues in favor of the viewport mod. To borrow a comment I saw Cider make in regards to it, it just feels more epic to have that extra-wide view, haha. I've got bars on both top and bottom and 90% of my UI is within those, leaving my rendered area almost completely clear, which I like a lot in raids. Much visibility.

    I keep my party/raid frames in the center of the top bar, with names only, no numbers. I seem to process the bar better than the actual value. For party I also have a little target frame off to one corner with a giant raid target icon, a holdover from trying to teach the DPS in my guild to follow the kill order.
    Left of that is Omen(in combat)/Recount(out of combat) in the same footprint.
    On the right is my minimap. I really mostly moved it because that space was empty and I felt if I moved it I could use the space at the bottom center for something better. Map is scaled down so it only protrudes from the bar a little. It's tolerable XD but theres also still a little space between the map and raid frames that I'm sure I could find *something* to fill. Could make the map a little bigger, but it'd stick out more, and I mostly only look at it when herbing, so...

    The bottom bar I'm not totally happy with. Left corner is 'my' chat (raid, party, guild, whispers, etc) and bottom right is 'trash' chat (general, trade, etc). The combat log is there in the event that I ever don't know why I died, but normally it stays tucked away under the chat.
    +++Input especially desired here!! lol+++
    Inside from those are my action bars. Four of them, two of which are fully hotkeyed and which also change with my stances. The other two are misc stuff, food, mount, tradeskills, etc. I've kinda wondered if this is too many or if theres a better way to do these. I though about hiding all the hotkeyed ones, but I use CooldownCounts to watch my CDs and I really like it. Also considered scaling down the non-combat bars but I'm not sure if that would give me the space I'm really looking for. I use BT4... I'm wondering now (this *just* came to me, when I used the term 'non-combat bars') if I might set it up so that the 'non-combat bars' were the default bars, and that they paged over to the combat bars if I entered combat AND if I pressed a certain hotkey. Hmm. That would give me some sweet space to work with.

    In the bottom center used to be my map. Now it's a big ol' target frame with the 3D portrait (I use pitbull for all frames). Kinda feels wasted, and I feel like I'm looking a little too far from center to see the cast bar (first KT kill this week, I ate the void zone on several attempts >< ).

    On the left and right ended of the screen, within the rendered area, I have SBF. My buffs and debuffs in 2 columns on the left, buffs and debuffs on target combined on the right. I keep switching between this and EBB, I'm not 100% happy with either. I though about filtering and only showing the 'important' ones, but what ones are those?!
    +++End input section :P+++

    I've comepletely removed and standard player frame. I wanted to use Digits for health and rage but I kept looking back at the damn bar, even when the digits were right on top of my toon. So I got IceHUD instead, disabled all the text and everything except health and rage bars, and stuck digits on top of those. Now *that* works really well. I do need something to click on for the player frame right click menu, and the IceHUD health bar can do that, but it sometimes gets in the way.

    +++More input!+++
    Somewhere between IceHUD and SBF is SCT. Still not sure what all I want to display here. I took out all outgoing damage because a good shield slam/shockwave combo completely overwhelmed by screen. So I've cut it down to incoming damage on the left (so I can see if I'm taking streaks of hits, or conversely having avoidance streaks) and auras/heals on the right. I do like seeing how much healing is coming my way and from who, though I don't feel like I'm paying a ton of attention to it, and sometimes the auras are more annoying than anything. Low health warning and crap like that goes at the top center, but I think I may cut that down to a couple items and put it smack in the center.
    +++End input!+++

    Last, just below my character, is a great big, 4-button, click-though bar that shows my main rotation CDs (SS, Rev, Dev, Sblock - but that's another thread). It's redundant, but it's that much more visible due to proximity and size.

    Going back to the concept of combat bars vs non-combat bars, that could give me room to move my target frame towards the screen center and to add a target of target, which I occasionally have wisht I had on 2-tank fights, especially one like Gluth or Horsemen where there is trading of aggro.

    I've also considered relying on something that throws a popup or message of some kind when CDs are up, but I seem to prefer having htat number telling me exactly how long I've got (why a number works better for that but not for health I have no idea), or no number telling me its up.

    I'd like to either put something more useful in the bottom center (tho nothing that requires a lot of attention cuz its so low on the screen) but if I widen my action bars I have to narrow my chat windows even more, and if I simply move them to the center, there's not really anything to fit in those spaces except to widen the chat windows.

    Haha, sorry for wall of text. I seem incapable of doing it any other way.

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    What' I'm using currently is this:

    Which follows the OP's basic layout, more or less. Here's the design philosophy:

    1) Make my and the target's health/mana/targeting/castbar clearly viewable, wihout obstructing the screen as much as possible (henve the HUD, which is at a partial transparency and set to vanish ooc)

    2) Put all necessary buttons in close reach to the center of my screen.
    3) Put all vital information near 1 and 2, so that I can watch anything else that I need without removing visual focus from my health/target. (omen, recount, eavesdrop). Eavesdrop is there to keep an eye on incoming heals and watch my own damage, so better measure how myself and my healers are doing.
    4) less vital information (chat, autobar items) are off to the sides, and in some cases set to vanish when not mouseovered, to prevent distractions and increase screen visibility.
    5) Buff are out of my immediate focus. I rarely need to know if a specific buff is on me, and either SBF or DBM will be happy to warn me of that.

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